Eisenstark Lecture

Eisenstark lecture - Flasks and bottlesProfessor Alexander was formerly chair of the Roma Eisenstark Memorial Lecture in Cancer Research.

This distinguished endowed lectureship was created in 1984 by Dr. Abe Eisenstark in memory of his late wife Roma. Abe is the Byler Distinguished Professor Emeritus in the Division of Biological Sciences and is the Scientific Director of the Cancer Research Center in Columbia. Dr. Eisenstark has had a distinguished career working on oxidative damage and mutagenesis in bacteria, and continues to work daily in the lab.

The establishment of the lectureship was an extremely generous gift of the family and friends of the Eisenstarks. This endowment has allowed us to host a series of distinguished investigators who have made fundamental contributions to our understanding of cancer. Previous Roma Eisenstark Memorial Lecture in Cancer Research speakers include Howard Temin, Isaiah Fidler, Dieter Soll, Harald Zur Hausen, Bruce Ames, Janet Rowley, Philip Hanawalt, Richard Lerner, Robert Gallo, Richard Kolodner, David Livingston, Neal Copeland and Nancy Jenkins, Richard Hynes and Janet Butel.

The Roma Eisenstark Memorial Lecture in Cancer Research is one of the premiere events of the year for the large life sciences community on this campus. We are committed to continuing this tradition of excellence.